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Varsity Swag

While we don’t have any donuts to show you just yet, we couldn’t wait to make a few Varsity t-shirts. Pretty darn cute, huh?

Sweet little donut fan sporting a Varsity t-shirt.

We’re excited to have gotten some graphics on the windows to let everyone know what’s going on inside 704 N. Manhattan, and it’s been fun eavesdropping on people as they walk by and react to the news of a donut shop. We’ve witnessed a great range of responses, from ecstatic to indifferent, from amused to puzzled (especially when they find out we don’t have any donuts for them just yet), but overall, people generally have been very positive and supportive. Makes us happy.

And if you haven’t yet, find us on Facebook and Twitter! We have some great discussions going about very important things like the best types of donuts, the rich donut history of Manhattan, KS, and all of the fun things we have planned. Feel free to join in on the conversations and tell us what you’d like to see happen at Varsity.

Happy windows.

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  1. Nicole Ellis Semple / Apr 26 2011

    Cutest donut fan I ever did see!

  2. Joseph / Apr 27 2011

    More like “cutest fan of a blatant design ripoff I ever did see”:

    Stealing isn’t cool.

  3. John / Apr 27 2011

    Stolen logo. Lame.

    You might get flamed on the Internet in the next couple days.

  4. Cameron / Apr 27 2011

    “Freshly Stolen Logo!”

  5. Henric / Apr 28 2011

    Clever thing to delete the comments saying you stole someone else’s logo.
    You’d be better off admitting your faults and make your own logo.
    I wish I lived in your town so I could not buy your donuts.

  6. Varsity Donuts / Apr 28 2011

    It was love at first sight with the little donut man, whom we’d affectionately named “Otis”. Sincere apologies to designer Matt Stevens… we’re working to make this right.

  7. Dough Nut / Apr 28 2011

    Stealing logos isn’t cool.

  8. Chris Ashton / May 24 2011

    Darn cute, indeed! Where can I get me some Varsity Donuts gear?

    • Varsity Donuts / May 25 2011

      Gear AND donuts coming soon… for now, we’re just taunting you with a sneak peek of our cool shirts on this ridiculously cute little girl.

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